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    BreakupSupport is a 12 year old, 24/7 coaching company that's solely focused on helping couples reconcile. We have been the premier "GET YOUR EX BACK" company internationally since our inception.

    Our Unique Approach

    We often get asked if we are an advice service versus a coaching service. Even though we give "advice", we do not consider ourselves in the generic "advice" business. We are experts in coaching for the best moves and strategies to get your ex back while you are going through the process. Is your ex moving to Manchester or Nairobi or NYC? Is your ex looking to move in with his family somewhere near you? Have you just packed your things and in mid move-out of his house? How can generic advice answer 1000's of these nuanced situations without actually speaking live to someone?

    People that give "advice" usually are great at throwing a load of intelligence in batches or in a lecturing format but are than gone and not accessible for the play-by-play moves!!! Advice givers are often well-intentioned, but they rarely get in the trenches, step by step, which is why we do not consider ourselves in this "relationship advice" category. We are tactical coaches that text you and talk to you through the entire process as things occur. We do not just give advice, we brainstorm, we compare, we listen, we ask 100 questions, we are there for the action not just the advice.

    What Our Clients are Saying

    A female client from Toronto of ours wrote a testimonial that stated: "Breakup Support was totally there for me when my boyfriend found someone else and left me for another girl. Instead of giving me generic advice like "he is a narcissist, you can do so much better" they walked me through the pressure points of our breakup and the breaking points of the relationship that led to the outcome of him cheating. Once we are able to completely ascertain and identify the reasons for the breakup, we were able to reverse engineer a re- attraction course of action that I would have NEVER considered myself based on my emotional state and tunnel vision. Then we went to work as a team to take the course of action and make the right social media moves, etc. Of course, things changed along the way almost after every week, but they were there for me to help re-adjust without over correcting and panicking. It was quite miraculous and very much appreciated because things change fast ... and some of my ex's responses were random which meant we had to continue to work together to formulate the best re-attraction moves!"

    Another client wrote: "I was told by all my friends and family to move on and that we were not good for each other and that everything happens for a reason. I understood their intentions were good, but the details were not exactly discussed on how to get my ex-girlfriend back. They refused to engage in the discussion based on their advice that I could do much better and that we were not good for each other. I went online and read all kinds of great advice but I was nervous to just blindly follow a "no-contact" regimen without discussing my options. BreakupSupport totally walked me through the reconciliation and we are back!"

    Common Questions on First Coaching Call

    Even though we do NOT consider ourselves in the generic "RELATIONSHIP ADVICE" sector, and we are 100 percent focused on INDIVIDUAL COACHING, these are a few examples of some questions we receive on the first coaching call with a new client when they call us:

    1. How to get an ex back who lost feelings for you- our generic answer to this question is to absolutely give your ex a lot of space and time to miss you and then re-approach your ex carefully without too much emotion or strong feelings after a decent time lapse. This option will allow for the negativity to dissipate, and a clean slate may not be a bad thing. If an ex has lost feelings for you, it may be better than your ex loaded with nasty or negative feelings and the ex may simply be more neutral. Yes, some say indifference is the worst scenario you could find yourself in with your ex, but we find that your ex hating you is far worse than indifference in reality despite the cliche of "hate is the opposite side of the coin than love, however we often see that "lost feelings" is a much better position to be in than being hated by your ex. Lost feelings from an ex can often times be found again.
    2. Proven mind games to get ex back- The expression "mind games" carries such a negative connotation. But everything we do in life involves the mind and if you substitute the word "games" for "tact or strategy", than you have a question that is indeed critical for getting your ex back. One proven mind game out of several mind games to get your ex- back is to give your ex acceptance of the breakup. If your ex thinks you are fighting the breakup and in denial of the breakup, you are not respecting your ex's decision or their free will to be autonomous in their thinking which will cause your ex to be crystalized in her or his decision.
    3. Psychological tactics to get ex back- This question is remarkably similar to the above question regarding mind games but has a tinge more sophistication in the wording or verbiage. There are many psychological tactics to get an ex back based on your situation but perhaps the most powerful generic tactic is to never criticize the new boyfriend or new girlfriend if your ex has found someone new. There are a lot of other tactics that you can read about on our blog posts on the menu above based on client interactions and real client cases to be discussed when we engage with you personally.
    4. How to get your ex back spiritually - A sexual connection can be powerful and most of our clients report a strong sexual connection with their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, but a spiritual connection is stronger regarding longevity and reconciliation ... much stronger. This is a challenging endeavor to re-establish since sometimes the entire relationship was solely physical without much spiritual connection and no spiritual baseline exists. However, were there is life, there is spirituality and the best generic advice to give in this regard without understanding the specific background is to let your heart open up to the notion that you don't "own" your ex and that your ex is an individual with the right to make his or her decisions based on their own versions of events. This acceptance opens the door to more spiritual understanding once more dialogue occurs between the two people.
    5. How to get ex back reddit advice- Yes. Several clients have referenced success with us on Reddit regarding getting your ex back with the breakupsupport system or using the best methods to reconcile. We are honored by all the mentions we get from Reddit. But again, individual coaching is much needed as the crux of your plan and generic advice can be used as supplementation. We appreciate Reddit and the references from Reddit regarding coaching for getting your ex back advice.
    6. Stages of getting back together with an ex- every system is different but with the Breakup Support reconciliation system we divide the stages in three expansive, broad categories with many subcategories below each main category. When you visit more on this website, we write extensively on our process and the stages of getting your ex back and give advice on basically the three main stages; Disarm, Establish Comfort, and Seduce.
    7. How to get my ex back in 24 hours- Yes. It does happen but we absolutely cannot guarantee such an aggressive time frame for reconciliation. When we help people that do get their ex back in 24 hours the coaching is usually intensively focused around the exact mindset of the ex at the time of the breakup specifically and we spend less time on the entire background of the relationship. Also, when we can achieve reconciliation so quickly, we find that the breakup was a result of an explosive event like a nonsensical argument that erupted in an otherwise harmonious relationship. Or if there was alcohol involved and the ex was only acting out for attention or due to the altered state of conscious.
    8. How to get your ex-boyfriend back fast- Boyfriends can come back a little faster with the sexual component at play however we find that this tactic mostly results in yet another breakup or ghosting shortly thereafter. We have a lot experiencing getting the boyfriends to miss our client fast however by helping with a hybrid/seduction version of no contact plus our specific male oriented techniques for re-attraction. Ultimately, we have equal success for both genders, and we are binary in this regard. The pace for getting your ex back and the desire to get your ex back fast can sometimes sabotage the entire mission. If your ex can tell you are on a specific time table than you will not succeed unfortunately. We cover the time that it takes to get an ex back in much more detail on our blog posts and certainly on phone calls with clients.
    9. How to get your ex back fast by text message- For years, we received calls from people that purchased a "text my ex back" solution from the internet with elaborate explanations on how to get your ex back from texting. The text your ex back ideas from this company were creative but we have found that a singular text is never the key to get your ex back. You need to have an entire plan of text progressions starting with something exceptionally light and easy and non-emotional and then elevating to more enticing texts all the way to seduction type texting. All these ideas regarding texting need to be spaced out in a way where the timing also helps you. You cannot simply send a text if the timing is off regardless of the quality or nature of the text. Ultimately, most people looking to reconcile with an ex do so in person, face to face, not over text but in today's world of direct messaging, social media comments, likes, following, etc. communicating with your ex electronically is indeed a part of the formula at the beginning.