Breakup Advice From Friends and Family For Getting My Ex Back

Saturday, 11 August 2012 13:07
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The Problem with Friends and Family for Getting Your Ex Back
 We all love our friends and family and rely on them more then anything in life. (We can't live without our family and friends.)  But please understand that you are going to get about five different pieces of advice from them before they grow tired of hearing about it and listening to it.   "Get over it..." "Move On..." "There are plenty of fish in the sea.." "If it wasn't meant to be , then it wasn't meant to be.." "He was an @ssho\le..""She was a bitch..." "You are better then your ex anyway..." Do we need to say more?  Your friends and family won't tell you things like, "ignore that text for a day and then respond tomorrow at 2:00 with a brief response and don't ask for a reply back..."  They will just say, "tell Harry to jump in the river, Francis..." or something like that... Getting your ex back takes serious strategy that is far beyond cliche's and "age old" advice.  It takes an angle and it takes playing games.  The games are counter intuitive. Your family and friends, unless trained in this field, most likely do not know the proper methods.

We know this is a tough time.We understand.Everyone makes mistakes in life but how you handle the mistakes is what counts.
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