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    First, We Understand Your Unique Situation

    Understanding your odds for reconciliation with an EX-lover has become more specialized with our proprietary, Relationship Analyzer Tool by using YOUR specific situation combined with computer modeling to work out the most accurate prognosis on getting back together with your ex. We offer this tool to anyone looking to understand their odds for getting back together with an ex and all results are guaranteed confidential.

    Yes, There is an entire service industry for getting your ex-girlfriend, your ex- husband, boyfriend or wife back based on specific re-attraction methods after a nasty breakup. But the first step is to determine whether it is even possible.

    Codifying Our Experience into an Expert System

    After years of speaking to people across the globe and helping individuals with reconciliation, it was time to gather all the data and intelligence garnered over these years whereby a more intelligent assessment could be made for our clients by using computer modeling, AI, and statistical analysis, said Eric Wasserman, Chief Reconciliation Strategist.

    "Our proprietary Relationship Analyzer Tool incorporates all the factors around our success cases as well as incorporating our data with the ones that did NOT reconcile in order to provide a more accurate overall assessment at the very beginning of the process to a new client to provide the client with a better understanding of reconciliation odds, etc. We are now factoring in social media behavior by the ex as well as behaviors before and after the breakup including but not limited to levels of attraction, relations with common friends and a myriad of other factors that may or may not apply to your situation."

    Generic Advice Can Reduce Your Odds, Not Improve Them

    Reconciliation with an ex can be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, without proper guidance regarding an individual's scenario. Studies have proven that "cookie cutter", nonspecific advice, can be as harmful as it is helpful because every relationship has unique nuances and idiosyncratic qualities that only pertain to that specific relationship. Most clients choose to participate in an individual phone call with a Reconciliation Strategist for advise on re-attraction after using the Relationship Analyzer Tool but no one is obligated to do so after receiving their odds results after using the tool. You are welcome to call us before taking the analyzer or you can take it now to get your odds for reconciliation.

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