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    1. How long ago did the breakup happen from today?
    2. Which option best describes the breakup and/or the cause of the breakup?
    3. If someone confidentially asked your ex why the breakup happened, your ex would probably say you were
    4. How close were you with your ex's family members
    5. How quickly would your ex respond to you today on a very simple and rudimentary question like : "what was the wine we ordered in miami, that went so well with salmon?"
    6. How long has it been since you reached out or communicated with your ex in ANY capacity at all
    7. If you ask your ex a simple question, will she answer with
    8. At the peak of your relationship, when things were going very well, how was the physical connection
    9. How often are you thinking about your ex
    10. How many times per night are you waking up and thinking about your ex
    11. How long does it take you to think about your ex after you wake up in the morning?
    12. How aware is your ex of your desire to reconcile?
    13. If you could push a button right now and erase your memory of your ex, while everything else in your life stays the same, would you?
    14. Do you have common friends that you share as a couple?
    15. How many of your common friends think favorably of you
    16. Is your ex currently dating someone else? Is there someone else in the picture?
    17. If your ex is dating someone or interested in someone new, Do you know this person?
    18. Do you have similar cultural backgrounds?
    19. Was there any conflict or stress over finances that could have contributed to your breakup?
    20. Were political differences ever a cause of conflict or tension
    21. Were ethnicity, race or religion ever a cause of conflict or tension
    22. How long did the relationship last from the beginning to the end including the time period of possible earlier breakups?
    23. How much groveling / begging have you done to reconcile with your ex? For example, sending flowers or gifts, making grand small or large gestures, love notes etc
    24. Is there a restraining order against you
    25. How far is your ex located from you geographically at this current time?
    26. During a breakup situation, often times people beg, plead and try to negotiate for the relationship to stay in tact and NOT END. How much pleading or begging or crying or negotiationg or selling yourself have you done since the breakup occurred.
    27. How many common friends or family members of your ex have you contacted since the breakup occurred?
    28. How do friends and family feel about this breakup?
    29. What age bracket best describes you and your ex?
    30. Was the age difference a factor in your breakup based on your knowledge?
    31. How many breakups have you had with your ex prior to this last breakup?
    32. Are you currently living with your ex and if so, for how long?
    33. Has your ex attempted to contact YOU after the breakup of his/her own volition?
    34. Did your ex show signs of sadness (crying, tears) during the breakup?
    35. Did your ex breakup in person or over text / email?
    36. Does your ex have any of your personal belongings?
    37. Do you have any of your ex's personal belongings?
    38. Does your ex have a history of being jealous of you?
    39. Were you caught cheating on your ex?
    40. Did you catch your ex cheating on you?
    41. Did you ever breakup with this person in the past where your Ex wanted to get back with you?

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