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    Are you having intrusive thoughts about your breakup 24/7 ?!

    ...texting your ex, thinking about where you went wrong? Stalking on social media? Talking to family and friends about your breakup all the time?

    Are you waking up in the middle of the night WISHING YOU WOULD HAVE SAID (or done) THINGS DIFFERENTLY !?!

    If you are calling or texting your ex, you could be hurting your chances.

    We are the Premier Get Your Ex Back program on the internet and do nothing but HELP MEN AND WOMEN GET THEIR EX BACK !!!

    * Every situation is unique and we will not help people reconcile if their only goal is to get back for vengeance and then breakup again.

    What to Expect From The Relationship Analyzer

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    Find your odds for reconciliation
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    Is it worth pursuing?
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    Where did I zig when I should have zagged?
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    What are my next moves?
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    Is getting back together even possible?
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    What questions should I be asking myself?
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    Is outside coaching important?

    What People Say

    Janet M - Seattle WA

    BreakupSupport was totally there for me when my boyfriend found someone else and left me for another girl. Instead of giving me generic advice like "he is a narcissist, you can do so much better" they walked me through the pressure points of our breakup and the breaking points of the relationship that led to the outcome of him cheating. Once we are able to completely ascertain and identify the reasons for the breakup, we were able to reverse engineer a re- attraction course of action that I would have NEVER considered myself based on my emotional state and tunnel vision. Then we went to work as a team to take the course of action and make the right social media moves, etc. Of course, things changed along the way almost after every week, but they were there for me to help re-adjust without over correcting and panicking. It was quite miraculous and very much appreciated because things change fast... and some of my ex's responses were random which meant we had to continue to work together to formulate the best re-attraction moves!

    Jeffrey S - Naples IT

    I was told by all my friends and family to move on and that we were not good for each other and that everything happens for a reason. I understood their intentions were good, but the details were not exactly discussed on how to get my ex-girlfriend back. They refused to engage in the discussion based on their advice that I could do much better and that we were not good for each other. I went online and read all kinds of great advice but I was nervous to just blindly follow a "no-contact" regimen without discussing my options. BreakupSupport totally walked me through the reconciliation and we are back!

    Kelly S - St Louis MO

    unbelievabl!!! i never thought about all the variables that you all put in diagnosing a breakup but once you asked the questions, i realized that you all have been doing this for years. your questions are clearly insightful because you pretty much figured out the issues by backing into the fundamental problems! thank you. Kelly Snellgrad, Missouri

    David S - Alexandria VA

    once I took the odds assessment online, i needed more answers regarding my breakup and i needed to know how you derived at the odds for getting my ex boyfriend back. Thank you for taking my call. Ya'll took my call way faster than i thought you would and it was very helpful. -David Stanfeld

    Tracy U - Santa Barbara CA

    Thank u thank u thank u... i didn't know a company or service like this existed but you guys helped me more than you know. i did the hypbrid no contact thingy we talked about and it is totally working. i may call you back though as things unfold. - Tracy Upton

    Bradford E - Atlanta GA

    I was skeptial AF at first but i kinda get it. i was waaay too crazy AFTER the breakup and my focus on was how things were during the relationship . the dude on the call helped me recalibrate and understand that my moves going forward are more critical than ever

    Dan D - Dayton OH

    your service is soooooo necessary for people that want to take a true deep dive into the anatomy of their relationship and the breakup. i've told several friends already about you. thank u 🙂

    Sandy G - Atlanta GA

    your odds assessment was AWESOME because I felt like it diagnosed my issues and my odds of reconciliation very acurately. it also felt good to be able to submit these different topics regarding my breakup to a service that has been in this field for over 10 years!! yall are doing a good thing for people. the phone call was amazing too.
    Every Situation is Unique Call NOW to Go Over Your Situation

    Questions and Answers


    What are the odds that I can get my Ex Back?

    The odds of getting your ex back depends entirely on your unique situation:

    1. Was the breakup a result of an explosion?
    2. Was the breakup premeditated by your ex over a period of time?
    3. How much begging have you done since the breakup?
    4. How many breakups have you actually had with this person?
    5. How long was the relationship in its entirety?
    6. After completeing our assessment tool, we ask these questions and collect many more data points to formulate an odds assessment tailored to your unique situation.


    How long does it take to get my ex back?

    We've had cases, where the Ex is back within 48 hours... however, we've also had cases where the ex hasn't come back for several months, even up to 16 months.

    We've had cases where the ex doesn't come back under any circumstance

    The length of time to get your ex back sometimes depends on how well you take coaching, and how focused you are on the task.


    What if my ex is seeing someone else?

    This critical detail is one of the things we use to compute your initial assessment in our online relationship analzyer tool, or when you call us.

    It depends on if the new person is a rebound or someone with significance to your ex that exceeds your own value to your ex.

    Mostly, we see rebound situations where we will coach very counter intuitive measures to perform that psychologically creates a need by your ex to downplay the new relationship. For example, we coach to avoid criticism of the new person and almost support of the new person to implement a reverse psychology tactic.


    How long has your company been coaching people on the best methods to get your ex back?

    We have been coaching people from all over the world for over 12 years.

    We do not take all cases and recognize all situations are different. Some breakups are not meant for reconciliation coaching.

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    Graphic - Key Factors for Reconciliation Venn Diagram helps the reader understand how their ex's perspectives might differ Your POV Your Ex's POV Your Actions RECONCILIATION Link Graphic This Graphic is Used to Drive the User to Use the Product Is it Worth Investing in Coaching? TRY OUR RELATIONSHIP ANALYZER TOOL NOW! Can I get my ex back?

    What are my chances?
    First call is free: 1-888-683-6180

    Link Graphic This Graphic is Used to Drive the User to Use the Product Coaching Options? TRY OUR RELATIONSHIP ANALYZER TOOL NOW! Can I get my ex back?

    What Happens When You Call Us

    First we give you a free odds assessment over the phone or review your odds assessment that you took from our Analyzer tool.

    If we recommend coaching, we design a reconciliation plan based on your unique situation.

    Breakup Support is a company that specializes specifically in helping people that are going through a breakup and want to reconcile with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend (or spouse).

    Breakups can be DEVASTATING to people and can alter the course of life for better or for worse depending on how you handle it.

    Our reconciliation system is an extremely strategic solution that does not rely on generic advice but rather specific "get your ex back" solutions catered to your unique breakup since every relationship is different and every breakup is different.

    After learning as much as possible about the breakup and the dynamics, causes, and different angles of your story, we will privately compare your predicament to other breakup scenarios and reconciliation success stories.

    "Best practices" is a very real concept in the reconciliation game!

    This method of comparing what has worked in the past with hundreds of other clients, over many years of practicing this very specialized craft, to your situation has proven to be extremely impactful and effective.

    You cannot afford to wing it without at least bouncing ideas off someone that has expertise in this field of relationship reconciliation. The stakes are extremely too high if you want your ex back.

    We are open all the time.

    The reason we are open 24/7, 365 days a week is due to life happening during these times (always). For instance, we often do not require scheduling ahead of time to "book an appointment".

    What happens if your ex unexpectedly announces that he or she is coming over? You may need to speak to us immediately, not book an appointment for next week. Our phones literally don't stop ringing so we can't guarantee 100 percent of the time you reach your specific breakup advisor but we can guarantee you a quick call back or text availability.

    After over 10 years of experience helping people from all over the world from all walks of life, we understand that you are possibly blaming yourself for the breakup or the demise of the relationship.

    We have found that the number one fear people have after a breakup is the fear of never finding anyone who compares to your ex again for the rest of your life. This fear can be debilitating and can lead people to act out in ways that are caustic and not beneficial for a strong reconciliation!

    We understand your pain. When you call us we will go over everything and at very least devise a plan and at best help you get your ex back as we have so many other clients.

    Eric Wasserman - Chief Reconciliation Stategist
    Eric Wasserman - Chief Reconciliation Stategist

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    1. We do NOT take all cases and we will not coach anyone on the best ways to get an ex back if the stated purpose is to get back and breakup for revenge.
    2. BreakupSupport.com does not guaranteed ANY results, good or bad, by this service provider.
    3. Topics of a sexual nature will be discussed and I am ok with discussing personal topics pertaining to sex, activity, etc.
    4. Please do not call if you are suicidal or currently engaging in any illegal activity.
    5. I am 18 years or older.
    6. This service is not considered counseling or should not replace counseling.