I was real skeptical to call someone about my relationship and my breakup but I was really wanting to hear some expert advice on how I could get back with my ex girlfriend. I am more happy than words can describe that I called breakupsupport.com . The convenience of being able to pick up the phone and make a call to speak to someone that understood my situation, but more importantly, gave me amazing advice, was unreal. I didn’t companies like this even existed
Stephen Maslow , St. Petersburg, Florida
The best thing about calling Breakup Support was that they didn’t just give me the same advice as everyone else. They actually COACHED me on how to get my ex boyfriend back. I was missing my ex boyfriend so bad and needing him back like oxygen and they really stopped me from making the same mistakes that I had been making and had me completely change my approach which totally worked..!! thank you thank you thank you 🙂 🙂
Kelly Stanton, Manhattan, NY
My ex girlfriend was driving me crazy. Ignoring me was her thing….never responding to texts, or emails. I was not stalking her or threatening her in amy way. I was just wanting to say hello and see where her thoughts were regarding our breakup. I finally bit the bullet and called breakupsupport and they had me approach the re-attraction process totally differently and made me realize that i was nowhere nearly approaching the situation properly. I am not back together yet, but i am able to now speak to my ex after a lot of practical steps I took and pyschological moves that I never would have been able to make to get her to respond to me properly. We are going on our third date next week and I could not be happier
Stephen Peterson , Los Angeles California
I needed to get my boyfriend out from under the influence of complacency and bitterness… thank you for all of your support.. we could not be doing better..!!
Julie Smallsberg , Chicago, Illinois
I can not believe I called you guys and it worked…I was contacting and bugging Charlotte too much and I was too anxious to hear back and was leaving messages that didn’t leave the proper cliffhangers that I learned from BreakupSupport… It made all the difference in the world..! thanks
Brian Alexander, Miami Florida
You guys were online , on google I think, and I saw your ad and called you. I was more pleased after three calls with you then I was with an entire year of talking with my friends and family about my ex. I now have a serious game plan in place to re-approach my ex with confidence and with leverarge. Thank you for all of your support and wisdom on reconciliation
Howard Bernstein Phoenix, Arizona