Does No Contact Work to get your ex back?

Yes and No. No contact can be a great tool in theory but in reality it is extremely hard to actually practice. We have many techniques and tools to use other then no contact such as limited contact and controlled contact. When you call us we will certainly address “no contact” as an option and we will help you get through no contact with very specific action items to take but no contact is not always the first course of action. Situations call for many types of contact requirements and to go totally “no-contact” is often times unreasonable and untenable.

What is your success rate for helping people get back with there ex?

We are not able to publish exact numbers based on FTC rules but, we dramatically improve the odds of reconciliation with the majority of our clients. We make no guarantees that you will get back with your ex but we do guarantee the best concerted effort.

How long does it take to get my ex back?

On our system, it can take anywhere between few days to 22 months depending on the course we mutually choose to take with your ex and depending on your background. If infidelity is a factor in the breakup, for instance, then a little more time is placed in the blueprint of the reconciliation plan. If the breakup occurred based on a sudden argument or a specific isolated circumstance and was made based on a quick emotional decision, we can teach for a much faster reconciliation cycle.

Does texting my ex work?

Yes and No. Texting your ex the wrong messages can and will be completely devastating to getting back together. In fact the wrong text messages at the wrong time can ruin chances for reconciliation in extreme cases. However, if you send the right text at the right time, as we coach, based on your situation, then a text message can indeed be an amazing catalyst for getting back together.

When do I initiate contact with my ex?

You initiate contact in Phase II if your ex has not initiated with you during Phase I. We will go over the phases when you call based on your situation.

How long does each of the three phases last?

The time period for the phases completely vary depending on your situation. How long you were together? How and where did the breakup occur? Where is your ex now? Does your ex have someone else since the breakup, etc. etc.

What happens if my ex is already dating someone else?

When you call us, we have very specific guidelines and methodologies to take to handle this situation and get your ex back regardless. Most rebound relationships do not work and the way you handle this specific situation is critical to your future with your ex. The steps we coach you on in the event that your ex is seeing someone else is very counter intuitive but very effective.

Do I get charged for the first call?

NO. The first call is free. If we think we can help you (and we don’t take all clients) then we will recommend the coaching line where we will laser focus on your plan to get your ex back. We have thirty minute sessions typically and charge $2.99 per minute but you can extend the sessions longer if we need to or shorter. Typically a few calls with us is all it takes but we can coach you more if we need to. Most callers call us back more then once to benefit from our service and get their ex back in a sustainable and equitable manner.