How To Stop Missing Your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend

1) Give Yourself Time to Miss Your Ex Within Reason- After a specific amount of time, you need to consciously tell yourself that anymore intense grieving and sorrow over your ex is unacceptable for your productive future. Your own time period is set by you but there are some relative norms:
The general rule is it takes one half the time you were with your ex to get over your ex. For instance if you were with your boyfriend for 4 years, it could take 2 full years to truly “get over him..” However, do not let this formula worry you if you feel two years is a long time (in this instance). We have ways to decrease this number by a fraction of the time when we speak to you about the ZooMonkey system for reconciliation and for getting over your ex.
By giving yourself some “healthy misery” time, however, you are allowing yourself to mourn in a healthy way and are not trying to speed up nature. It is very natural to go through a grieving period after a breakup. Do not beat yourself up over being upset. If you “give yourself” this time to mourn, then you will find that the time goes by faster since are not as hard on yourself but make sure you have a target date to move on past it and try to take things day at a time.
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