Sex With My Ex. | Should I sleep with my ex?

Should I have sex with my ex?

Everyone that calls us wants to know when and how they can have intimacy with their ex. The answers totally and entirely depend on the situation first and foremost and a call into us is very necessary for this question to be answered based on your unique situation.

Here are our general rules for having sex with your ex:

1)Gender- If your ex is female, it is most likely ok/good to have sex with her since the bond between females and sexual intercourse with her partner seem to be strengthened tremendously based on countless studies.  There are certainly instances in the reconciliation process where sex with your ex girlfriend is not recommended and you can find out by calling us if your situation is in this category.  However, as a general rule it is ok/good.

2) Stage in the Reconciliation Process- Getting your ex back is a highly disciplined field and the timing is everything.  Regardless of gender, it depends where you are in the process to be certain if sex with your ex is ideal or actually acting as an impediment.

For more information on sex with your ex, go to this link Having sex with your boyfriend or ex girlfriend.

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