The Problem with E-books for Getting your Ex Back

The Problem with E-books, Audio Education, and Video Education for Getting Your Ex Back:

The major problem with e-books and informational material regarding the topic of getting your ex back is that we believe they are ineffective similarly to a ” beginners guide for proper swimming technique”.  They do not work in our opinion; too many moving parts.  We subscribe to some of the concepts.  And we agree that if you could really execute on some of the ideas expressed, you would have some success depending on your situation.  However, your breakup is a moving, living, animal breathing on EMOTION and CHANGING circumstances.  The odds of you really being able to execute “no -contact” correctly is almost zero without coaching in our opinion.  The odds of you being able to know what to effectively say to your ex when you have to retreive items from her place because she is moving unexpectedly to Chicago is almost zero in our opinion.  The list goes on and on regarding real life, non-theory “stuff” that occurs during a breakup and during the re-attraction process that is NOT covered in the educational material that we have read.  Plus, the human brain requires another human brain for live interaction during highly emotional times such as these; preferably an expert.  Unfortunately, your brain has literally been hijacked by this breakup. Individual coaching is an absolute necessity if you want to fight human nature and use human nature simultaneously to get your ex back.  It’s a daunting task to handle solo.

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