Are you Tired of Thinking About Your Ex?

I am sick and tired of thinking about my ex even though I want my ex back…!?!

Are you choosing to think about your ex and not move on?  Are you addicted to the thought of your ex to the point where it is keeping you awake at night?

Our clients call us with descriptions of thinking about an ex before they go to bed, in the middle of the night, and when they wake up.

We coach on three different techniques if you are in this predicament. (all three methods are coached within the context of getting your ex back…)

1) Get Closure- for more information on closure, click on this link which is from the ZooMonkey system for reconciliation ..

2) Date others- This is real tricky if you but it can be helpful to some of our clients if done appropriately.

3) Immerse yourself in new hobbies and activities- This is very hard to do if you don’t force yourself but it is very helpful if you can manage it. Also, meditation and focusing on those that love you are vitally important.

Ask yourself if you are choosing to hold on to the old memories and your thought of the relationship. Are you idealizing your past relationship? Are you looking at your relationship through rose colored glasses ?

Do you believe that there are ways to control your thoughts?  Understand that we can only control ourselves and not our ex.  You do not own your ex nor does your ex “owe” you anything after a breakup.  If you try to guilt your ex back, you probably won’t be successful.  Remember, you are not attractive if you are pining, whining, and overly emotional if you were just on the short end of a breakup.

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